This document sets forth the general privacy policy of this Website pursuant to the European Union General Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter "GDPR"). In more general terms, this document sets also our Privacy Policy in relation to the conservation and storage of data relating to the Latin America 2B business unit obtained under one of the circumstances specified below in Part 2.4.

Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply and is not referred to the data and information that you wittingly and willingly decide, in your own sole discretion, to communicate or share with the people that are our editors, authors, executive advisors, contributors and/or others, besides any denominations or names, within our business network, whose emails or contact details you may find within this site or our publications or elsewhere: this Privacy Policy does NOT apply to them and you will have to refer to their privacy policy or the agreements and terms that regulate your relationship with them.

This privacy policy should be read together and alongside the following documents available in our Website:

This document is divided into two main sections:

  • Part 1 sets out the general principles of our Privacy Policy
  • Part 2 sets forth the terms of processing and conservation of data and your rights pursuant to GDPR


1.1 Google Analytics and Cookies

In this Website we use Google Analytics. However, please note that in order to maximize the protection of your personal data:

  • We have not given to Google Analytics the consent to share the personal data gathered through this Website with other data and information already in the possession of Google Analytics and, in particular, we have not agreed to the following Google Analytics services: a) Products and Services of Google; b) Benchmarking; c) Technical Assistance; d) Account Experts.
  • It has been implemented the Google Analytics _anonymizeIp function that anonymizes the last digits of the user’s IP so that this data will not be available to Google Analytics.

This Website uses cookies: to see our cookies policy and to orientate your choices accordingly, please visit our cookies policy.

We do not process the data obtained through Google Analytics, apart from the functions and the processes itself of Google Analytics. We do not process any information obtained through or related to cookies. 

1.2 Sale of Products and Link to Digital River Website

Please note that all sale processes of the products present in our Website are managed directly by the website of Digital River GMBH, Scheidtweiler Str.4, 50933, Cologne, Germany, our reseller, from whom, in case of a purchase of one or more of our products, you will directly buy and with whom, accordingly, you will conclude an autonomous contract of sale. Digital River will not share your data with us and you will have to examine Digital River’s privacy policy for more details about their treatment of your data. For further information about Digital River’s privacy policy, please read the document available at the link on the bottom of the page present in the Digital River sale process page or view

1.3 Use of Contact Us Form and General Communication through Others Means of Communication

If you decide to use the Contact Us form present in this Website or if you will communicate with us through any other email address within the domain (, depending on the content of your communication and your relationship with us, we may process your data. In these cases, our general terms of processing of personal data will apply (see below, Part 2 of this Privacy Policy).

Please note that the Contact Us form contained in our Website contains a mandatory field that requires you to confirm that "by clicking this box, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of our Privacy Policy" and that, through that form, you will provide to us information related to date, time and IP address associated with your sign up: this will be a full proof, between us, that you have agreed to whatever is explained and contained in the present Privacy Policy.

1.4 Registration to one or more of our newsletters

If you decide to register for our, free of charge, one ore more of our newsletters, you will be required to provide to us the following data:

  • Email

Please read carefully our LA2B Newsletters Terms and Conditions that contain more information about the data that we gather during the sign up for our newsletters and the conditions that apply.

In these cases, our general terms of processing of personal data will apply (see below, Part 2 of this Privacy Policy).

1.5 Add This Sharing Tool

Our website employs the bookmark service AddThis. AddThis is a service of Oracle Corporation ((1900 Oracle Way Reston, VA 20190, USA), Each time our website receives an access request equipped with an AddThis component, the component prompts your browser to download an image of this component from AddThis. Through this process, AddThis is informed exactly which page of our website is being accessed. In addition, AddThis also records your IP address, browser type, browser language, the website previously accessed as well as the date and time you visited the site and uses this data to compile an anonymized user profile. This data allows AddThis and its partner companies to direct targeted personalized ads at website users based on their particular interests. The display of advertising material occurs based on a browser cookie put in place by AddThis, which analyzes user interaction with the website. You can permanently prevent AddThis from placing a cookie on your browser by downloading and installing the opt-out cookie available at the following link: This retains data for 13 months as of collection.


2.1 Data Controller

The Controller is i2p Consulting SRL, a company incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Italy, having its office in Rome, via del Falco n.34, 00193. Managing director is Mr Paolo M. Gangi. You may contact i2p at the following: via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; via telephone: +39.06.98960138.

2.2 Legal Basis for the Processing

The personal data mentioned in this Privacy Policy are processed by the Controller as a private company operating in the market and are based on your free consent to provide such data and to our processing of these data according to the terms of the present Privacy Policy. We do NOT obtain data from third parties. The processing of your data will be carried out only for the purposes of executing the business activities of the business unit Latin America 2B and for the management of our relationship with you and not for other additional purposes. We may send from time to time advertising and commercial information in relation to our products (not of third parties products) and events to purchasers of one or more of our reports or guides and to those who are registered in one or more of our newsletters (please see our LA2B Newsletter Terms and Conditions for more information).

2.3 Transfer of Data Outside the EU

As a general policy, we will not transfer your data to subjects outside the EU, neither to third parties nor to partners or non-EU members of our joint venture; however, please note that we operate in joint venture with a US-based subject and that all our business activities are referred to activities and information related to Latin America, so that, if you require from us a tailor-made advisory, our work will be carried out in cooperation with some or more of our partners who are most likely based in the Americas (USA or Latin America) and, in these cases, we will have to communicate your data to them in order to execute the work for you; in some cases, if you write to us to request information about a product you may get a reply directly from the author or an executive advisor based outside the EU who will then have access directly to your data (namely first name, last name and email address). Should you prefer that your data not have to be communicated to some of our partners or affiliated based outside the EU, under no circumstances (so even not in cases like a reply to a request of information for one of our products, directly from the author of this product who is not based in the EU), please let us know your preferences in this regard in your first communication with us and we will accordingly follow your instructions.

Data transferred to Google Analytics will be communicated based on the anonymized protocol, see Part 1.1. above for more information.

2.4 Categories of Personal Data and Purposes of the Processing

  • Personal data and information obtained by and through the use of this Website, by way of cookies and especially the information, although anonymized, gathered through Google Analytics. These data are necessary to: a) extract statistical information by Google Analytics (although anonimyzed) on the use of this site (visits of pages, geographical areas, browser types, etc.) and/or check the functioning of the web services. Browsing data are kept for no longer than 14 months, as we have set the minimum conservation time allowed under Google Analytics terms. 
  • Personal data and information obtained through your use of the Contact us form. Your data will be kept in the CMS software that manages this site and in a database stored in our One Drive cloud service. Every two years we revise and delete the personal data stored in our filing systems, unless the relationship with the data subject is still operative. Next revision will be on September 2020. 
  • Personal data and information obtained during the registration process for one or more of our newsletters. Your data will be kept in the CMS software that manages this site and in a database stored in our One Drive cloud service. Every two years we revise and delete the personal data stored in our filing systems, unless the relationship with the data subject is still operative. Next revision will be on September 2020. 
  • Personal data and information that, for whatever reason or in whatever capacity (prospective client, client, partner, author, affiliated, etc.), you have communicated to us (by mail, email, or other means) and that, for whatever reason, we have processed and stored. Your data will be kept in the CMS software that manages this site and/or in a database stored in our One Drive cloud service. Every two years we revise and delete the personal data stored in our filing systems, unless the relationship with the data subject is still operative. Next revision will be on September 2020.

2.5 Data Subjects Rights

Under the GDPR, you have right, as the data subject, to obtain from us access to your personal data as well as rectification or erasure or portability of such data or the restriction of the processing concerning them; in more general terms, you have the right to object to the processing of particular forms or ways of processing by us of your data. Please see from Articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR for more details about your rights in this ambit.

2.6 Right to Lodge a Complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority within an EU member State under Article 77 GDPR. The Italian Data Protection Supervisory Authority, which primarily supervises the data processing activity of this business unit, is the Garante dei Dati Personali, whose Website is Under Article 79 GDPR, you have the right to an effective judicial remedy and to commence a judicial proceeding against us for infringement of your data protection right to be brought before the Italian court or before the court of the Member State where you, as data subject, have your habitual residence.

2.7 Technical Security Measures

We do our best and we take all reasonable measures to protect your data from cyberattacks or loss due to malfunction of technical systems.

Your personal data will be stored in the hosting of our Website and in documents (word, excel, etc.) hosted in the cloud space of i2p Consulting. The following technical protection measures provided by our suppliers apply:

Our policy will be updated from time to time. Please refer back regularly to keep yourself updated. Last update: 31 October 2019.

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